Peasant In Paradise

Alanna Moore


The global pandemic year 2020 was a perfect time to realize the frugal splendor of being a ‘peasant in paradise’, discovered Australian author Alanna Moore.
This down-to-earth book chronicles her exploration of temperate zone, eco-friendly living in a ‘normal’ home and why this is an imperative today. It’s a tool for the times – anyone can bring the richness of the healthy ‘eco-peasant’ way of life into the realm of your own existence.

Copyright 2021, softcover, 294 pages.

About the Author:

Alanna Moore has written articles for several Permaculture, farming, new age and rural life magazines — especially on dowsing, Permaculture and geomancy. Alanna is also the author of Backyard Poultry Naturally, Sensitive Permaculture and Divining Earth Spirit

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