How To Not Go Broke Ranching

Walt Davis


Things I learned the hard way in fifty years of ranching.

Walt Davis spent more than fifty years as a working rancher in Texas and Oklahoma. He has lived all of the joys and all of the sorrows that go with ranch life and it is his unbiased opinion that ranching is (depending on how it is done) either the world's best way to make a living or an unending struggle against nature that will break the strongest spirit.

Walt grew up in a ranching family and was exposed early on to ranching as it had been practices in west Texas for many years. After a degree in animal husbandry from Texas A&M College, he took over management of a ranch in southeast Oklahoma. 

It soon became apparent that there were major flaws in ranch management as he had been taught in college. Walt started searching for "a better way." He soon realized that agriculture is a biological rather than an industrial process. This book is an outgrowth of that search and its results.

312 pages. Softcover. Copyright 2011.

About Walt Davis

Walt and his wife Diann live on a small place on the outskirts of Calera, Oklahoma. Walt consults with ranchers and other land managers over a wide area – teaching seminars and writing columns for the Farm Progress family of magazines. He has written several other books, including Cerebral Ranching, and is working on more. You can contact him at

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