Holding The Lines

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Farmer's daughter Maureen agreed completely with her mother's admonition: Never marry a farmer. Her marriage to a science geek with a good job meant a house on a lake and clean hands-until the farmer hidden inside him started scrabbling to escape. What began as a willingness to put up with his buying a tractor and renting a field becomes an all- encompassing endeavor to learn how to drive, raise, train, and work draft horses, grow and sell their crops, care for the land they had learned to love, maintain a sense of humor, and keep themselves and their children safe in the face of runaway teams, straight-line winds, and sub-zero temperatures. Holding the Lines is the story of a very ordinary woman's decision to find meaning in horses, hard work, love, and potatoes.

Copyright 2023, softcover, 250 pages, SKU 7795.

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Brad O.
United States United States

a fellow breeder

I recently completed reading Maureen Ash’s new book “Holding the Lines.”  Although I cannot boast any literary authority, this book should be on the coffee table of every Suffolk breeder and in the curriculum list of anyone mentoring new teamsters. “Holding the Lines” is neither a how- to- book nor is it an attempt at some mystical utopic “culture.”  Maureen writes from where the tire meets the track, sharing her day to day, rekindling those “ah” moments you have experienced with your horse. I laughed, I sighed, I even cried.  Maureen, along with her husband Rich Purdy, show us there is a place for blending draft power and corporate duty.  “Holding the Lines” gives us permission to passionately seek improvement in our lifestyle, the breed, and the community in which we live.  

John G.
United States United States

Holding the Lines Rocks

Fabulous book. For me it was like reading SteamPunk. An alternate reality filled with machines that seem improbable and animals that I only see through a car window. Maureen’s a good writer and an excellent storyteller.

United States United States

Great Book!

This was a great book! Highly recommend!

A Acres U.S.A., the Voice of Eco-Agriculture Customer
Jenelle L.
United States United States

The bliss of slowing down the pace

Holding the Lines is packed with heartbreak, overcoming and humor that kept me turning the pages with anticipation. As I would finally relent to putting the book down after a good read and some giggles and tears, I would feel the bliss of the natural pace of life filtering into my life. In this book, things take the time they take and what a gift from the author, her family and her horses to all the rest of us.

A Acres U.S.A., the Voice of Eco-Agriculture Customer
Marian F.
Ireland Ireland

Farming and Family

A great look into how a vision can grow into reality with hard work, determination, and a lot stumbles. This book caused me to smile and to cry and It brought memories back to life that I had all but forgotten. It is a story that doesn’t sugar coat the hardships of growing a farm from nothing along with the journey of growing a family along the way. This story is full of love, joy, tears, and a lot of potatoes.

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