Herbal Medic

Sam Coffman


Herbal Medic is a comprehensive guide for beginners, preppers and experienced herbalists alike that covers practical, clinical herbalism topics for home, remote and post-disaster environments.

Written by a former Green Beret Medic with over 25 years experience working with herbal medicine both in the field and in clinics around the world, this is a book that will open your eyes to the amazing possibilities of herbal medicine for everything from respiratory infections to speeding the recovery of broken bones and lacerations.

In addition to chapters on how to effectively understand plant medicine and create formulas that work, this book also delves into subjects like dealing with venomous snake bites if there is no higher medical care available, distilling alcohol and making potent tinctures that will last for years, emergency childbirth, bacterial infections, setting up a safe and efficient clinic in a post-disaster environment.

Aside from herbs referenced throughout the practical portion of the 350 information-packed pages, this book also includes very high-quality photos of 50 medicinal plants (materia medica) with in-depth explanation of identification, preparation, use, contraindications and more.

SKU 7682, Copyright 2021, 403 pages, softcover.

Praise for Herbal Medic:

"This is a must-have resource for anyone interested in using plant medicine...It will be a vital part of my library." -Kyla Helm-Swanson, MD

"Coffman is a gifted herbalist. His knowledge of healing plants, human physiology, and disease conditions contributes immeasurably to herbal medicine." -Steve E. Pehrson, MD, former battalion surgeon and Special Forces Medic

About the Author:

Sam Coffman is a clinical herbalist and former Green Beret medic who teaches wilderness first aid, remote and post-disaster herbal medicine, and urban and primitive survival skills. He is the founder of Herbal Medics Academy, which teaches herbal medicine and preparedness, and cofounder of Herbal Medics, an organization that provides herbal medicine and off-grid technology to underserved communities worldwide.

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