American Hemp Farmer

Doug Fine


American Hemp Farmer: Adventures and Misadventures in the Cannabis Trade is the inside story of the world's most lucrative crop from award-winning journalist turned hemp farmer Doug Fine. 

Hemp, the non-psychoactive variant of cannabis and one of humanity's oldest plant allies, has quietly become the fastest industry ever to generate a billion dollars of annual revenue in North America. From seed to fiber to the currently ubiquitous cannabinoid CBD, hemp is leading the way to a new regenerative economy that contributes to soil and climate restoration – but only if we do it right. 

In American Hemp Farmer, Doug Fine gets his hands dirty with healthy soil and sticky with terpenes when growing his own crop and creating how own hemp products. He shares his adventures and misadventures as an independent, regenerative farmer and entrepreneur, all the while laying out a vision for how hemp can help right the wrongs of twentieth-century agriculture.

Copyright 2020. Softcover. 320 pages.

Praise for American Hemp Farmer

"I hope every hemp farmer and policymaker reads this book carefully. It details a roadmap for success, for farmers and the planet. And that's probably because Doug doesn't just write about hemp, he lives it."

– Cary Giguere, hemp program coordinator, Vermont Agency of Agriculture

"American Hemp Farmer would have been in George Washington's library. it is a scholarly, practical, and impeccably enjoyable work and a must-read for those who cultivate hemp or are interested in leaping in."

– Dean Norton, director of horticulture, Mount Vernon Estate

Learn How to Grow Hemp from Doug Fine

Doug Fine partnered with Acres U.S.A. to create his own Eco-Ag U Online course – A Grower's Guide to Regenerative HempThis course is a must for anyone who is new to the hemp industry, whether you are a current farmer looking to transition, or a new farmer looking to break into the exciting but hyper-competitive hemp marketplace. Learn more here!

The Author in His Own Words

Listen to episode 33 of our Tractor Time podcast, in which Acres U.S.A. magazine editor Ben Trollinger interviews Doug Fine about his book, his farm, and his views on hemp production.

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