Albrecht Papers Vol. 1-8

William A. Albrecht

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Save on this special package of all 8 volumes of The Albrecht Papers. This collection includes:

  • Albrecht's Foundation Concepts (Vol. I)
  • Soil Fertility & Animal Health (Vol. II)
  • Albrecht's Hidden Lessons (Vol. III)
  • Albrecht's Enduring Vision (Vol. IV)
  • Albrecht on Calcium (Vol. V)
  • Albrecht on Pastures (Vol. VI)
  • Albrecht on Soil Balancing (Vol. VII)
  • Soil Fertility & Human and Animal Health (Vol. VIII)

About the Books

This valuable collection of essays reveals the insights of a brilliant soil scientist ahead of his time. Here the papers have been grouped to best focus attention and allowed to reciprocate the values upon which all of Albrecht’s work are based

Albrecht’s work provides an indispensable foundation for anyone interested in sustainable, ecologically responsible agriculture -- his teachings are more critical today than ever.

About William A. Albrecht

Dr. William A. Albrecht, the author of these papers, was chairman of the Department of Soils at the University of Missouri College of Agriculture, where he had been a member of the staff for 43 years. He held four degrees from the University of Illinois. During a vivid and crowded career, he traveled widely and studied soils in the United States, Great Britain, on the European continent, and in Aus­tralia. 

Born on a farm in central Illinois in an area of highly fertile soil typical of the corn belt and educated in his native state, Dr. Albrecht grew up with an intense interest in the soil and all things agricultural.

Both as a writer and speaker, Dr. Albrecht served tirelessly as an inter­preter of scientific truth to inquiring minds and persistently stressed the basic importance of understanding and working with nature by applying the natural method to all farming, crop production, livestock raising and soil improvement. He always had a specific focus on the effect of soil character­istics upon the mineral composition of plants and the effect of the mineral composition of plants on animal nutrition and subsequent human health. 

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