Peter Bacchus: Biodynamic Pasture Management, and Beyond!

Peter Bacchus

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Applying biodynamic practices to pasture management and grazing could be just what you need to boost grass quality and vitality. Peter Bacchus, New Zealand-based consultant and author of the book Biodynamic Pasture Management, will explain how he utilizes the growth-promoting forces inherent in biodynamics along with a foundation of Albrecht-method soil fertility balancing to help graziers in New Zealand. Learn how appropriately timed application of the biodynamic preparation might be just what you need to influence grass growth, boost animal performance, and more.

Peter Bacchus has years of biodynamic farming experience. Raised on a biodynamic dairy farm, he served apprenticeships on other dairy farms while growing up. He studied and worked on biodynamic farms and in a nutritional research laboratory in Switzerland, working with some of the most prominent biodynamic farming consultants and learning the sensitive crystallization and climbing chromatography research methods. Later he worked as a medicinal herb grower, developed a large-scale composting business, and converted a commercial glass house to the biodynamic method, which included successful control of whitefly and fungal problems. Bacchus consults widely and has held leadership positions in biodynamic farming organizations. He lives with his wife Gill near Palmerston North, on the north island of New Zealand. He is the author of the book Biodynamic Pasture Management.

Recorded Friday, December 13, 2013

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