zzzFlowforms: The Rhythmic Power of Water

John Wilkes

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Water is the universal bearer of whatever character we put into it; consequently, the way we treat water is crucial to our own health and to the well-being of the planet as a whole. Working with his remarkable invention, the flowform, Wilkes uncovered many mysteries of water. His lifetime of applied research into rhythms and water, fully revealed here for the first time, has startling implications for such topical issues as farming and irrigation, food production and processing, water treatment and recycling, and health and cosmetic products.

The author includes a history of Flowform research as well as the most important, up-to-date developments in this research around the world. He also includes informative appendices on metamorphosis, Flowform designs and applications, and the scientific and technical aspects of Flowform research. Flowforms is a groundbreaking, lavishly illustrated book, revealing both the beauty and broad range of applications of this technology.

Copyright 2004, softcover, 208 pages.

About the Author:

John Wilkes (1930-2011) studied sculpture at the Royal College of Art in London, during which time he met George Adam and Theodor Schwenk. Wilkes joined Adams and Schwenk at the Institute for Flow Sciences in Germany and began his investigations into the flow and rhythm of water, eventually resulting in the creation of the Flowform. Wilkes also worked at the Goetheanum researching and restoring Rudolf Steiner's sculptural and architectural models, at Emerson College, and was the Director of the Virbela Rhythm Research Institute. 

Praise for Flowform:

"With extraordinary depth of vision, Wilkes shares more than thirty years of accumulated ideas, experiments, experiences and creative, innovative designs with water. Benefits from many photographs and illustrations.'

'Detailed accounts of research are richly illustrated, including many beautiful images of the swirling patterns. The book is full of both scientific observations and a celebration of the beauty and wonder of water, and the beauty and wonder of the sculptures it has inspired John Wilkes and his team to create."

"With the aid of copious photographs, drawings and diagrams, our attention is drawn to how much life there is in water. I found this an extremely interesting, informative and attractive book."
– New View

"Contains many beautiful illustrations of water-in-motion from rivers and waterfalls, to the art of designing water features for a garden."

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