Greg Judy: Mob Grazing = Explosion of Soil Life

Greg Judy

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Greg Judy, a Missouri-based grass farmer, will show how his execution of mob grazing brings about a literal explosion of life in the soil. See how proper livestock management attracts and propagates soil life of all forms and rescues damaged soil. Relaying experiences on his own farms and on others, attendees will see concrete evidence of almost inconceivable results. This lecture will underscore the value of having livestock on the land, not just for the beef “crop,” but for the soil-improving power of cattle when properly managed.

Greg Judy, along with his wife Jan, run a grazing operation on 1,400 acres of leased land that is made up from 10 farms in Clark, Missouri. Greg and Jan went from near bankruptcy in 1999 to paying off a 200-acre farm and house in 3 years with custom grazing on leased land and are completely debt-free. Today they own three farms and lease seven farms. Holistic high-density planned grazing is used to graze cows, cow/calf pairs, bred heifers, horses, and stockers. They also own a 250-head grass-genetic cow herd, 300-head hair sheep flock, goat herd, and graze Tamworth pigs. They have also started direct marketing grass-fed beef, lamb and pork. Since switching from management-intensive grazing to holistic high-density grazing several years ago, the results have been breathtaking. The Judys now use no lime, no fertilizer, no seeding, no chemicals, and no equipment. The Judys focus solely on increasing animal density with high animal performance with long grass recovery periods between grazing. Greg is author of the books No Risk Ranching — Custom Grazing On Leased Land and Comeback Farms — Rejuvenating Soils, Pastures and Profits with Livestock Grazing Management. He consult and teaches widely.

(59 minutes, 46 seconds) Recorded Friday, December 12, 2013.

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