Food Plague 2nd Edition

Arden Andersen


Food is supposed to be life giving. It is supposed to be "our daily bread." Sadly, modern farming practice has converted food production into a cesspool of poison and genetically engineered "franken-foods." GMOs are scientifically proven to cause human suffering including cancer, bowel, liver and kidney disease, infertility, environmental pollution and resistant strains of infectious microorganisms, weeds and insect pests.

From A1 milk to farm-raised fish, artificial hormones to antibiotics and pesticides in the feed, "modern farming" has created the Food Plague. Consumers informed about the real food quality vote accordingly with their dollars at the grocery store. Here lies the real power for change. We have the technology to solve all these problems and feed many times the world population. Farmers could increase yields 5 to 6 times using present day non-GMO seed and appropriate nutritional technology, without ANY of the toxic side effects while sequestering carbon/greenhouse gasses and regenerating the soil. It's the informed consumer that will make this happen.

Copyright 2016, Softcover, 384 pages

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