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The Acres U.S.A. May 2017 issue; Vol. 47, No. 5; contains the following:


Natural Beekeeping
by Jill Henderson
As pollinator numbers continue to decline, Dr. Leo Sharashkin shares insights into keeping healthy honeybees in horizontal hives.

Tree Leaf Fodder Production
by Shana Hanson
Trees and bushes were once seen as contributors to soil fertility and animal nutrition and were not cleared from hay fields and pastures, but rather retained in less-shading, cultivated forms. Meet farmers bringing this practice back.

Tree Hay for Meat Goats
by Michael Walder
Learn the tips and tricks of using tree fodder to feed meat goats from one intrepid Canadian farmer willing to experiment.

Fatty Acids for Soil Fungi
by Michael Phillips
One grouping of fungal foods should be considered essential, as it’s through fatty acid nutrition that growers can quickly further plant and microbe health.

by Leigh Glenn
Landscape designer and permaculture practitioner Lincoln Smith is aiming to prove that forest-based agriculture can produce a quantity of food comparable to major crops.

Personal Permaculture Design
Andrew French
Before we can transform our lives or our economic realities we must begin to design systems consciously. Andrew French explains how to apply principles of permaculture for financial success.

Holistic Planned Grazing
by Abbey & Spencer Smith
It is important to manage for all life on the land because it adds value to the whole. Learn how to build and support biodiversity and increase wildlife habitat through Holistic Planned Grazing on your farm or ranch.

Interview: Allan Savory: Solving 'Wicked Problems'
Ecologist, farmer and author Allan Savory discusses Holistic Management and regenerative farming around the world.



View from the Country

Letters to the Editor

Opinion: Rural vs. Urban
Perhaps it's time to quit calling ourselves "city people" or "country people" and pitting ourselves against one another. The future lies in moving together and in mutual understanding and cooperation

The Harvest Table: A Cultural Exchange
As consumers become more aware of and seek out nutritious foods, fermentation festivals offer a playgrounds of healthful delights and learning opportunities.

Stock & Flock: Quality over Quantity
Animal agriculture was the first agriculture, and efforts to cheapen it from within are not only at odds with its traditions, but will only continue to foster confusion and even consumer resistance.

Small-Scale Success: Beyond the Bale
Consider low-maintenance hay bale gardening as an alternative to traditional raised-bed growing.

Reviews & Recommendations
From in-depth book reviews to innovative websites and beyond, here are our picks.




Meet an Eco-Farmer

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My Farmer, My Customer

New! Learn from Marty Travis's experiences converting the Spence Farm into one of the most successful farming co-ops in the United States today.