The Ideal Soil v2.0

Michael Astera

9 reviews

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This how-to manual tells exactly how to go about changing your farming practices to a more sustainable and healthier model that does not require large yearly inputs of fertilizer or organic matter. Based on the premise of a new agriculture where being well-fed leads to health (soil, animals and humans). This book focuses on the least known part of sustainable agriculture – an understanding of balancing mineral nutrients in the soil. Understanding balancing soil minerals is not difficult and once achieved, insecticides and other rescue chemicals will drop away. This is the guidebook to show you how.

This newly revised edition compiles a wealth of new material and information that has been garnered as the methods of balancing minerals have been applied in all parts of the world. The result is a more comprehensive handbook for proper soil balancing. Moreover, the application of soil balancing methods has provided a scientific foundation for a new approach to agriculture in the 21st century—one that can improve the nutritional value of crops and sustain a healthy world.

Copyright 2015, softcover, spiralbound, 171 pages.

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Matthew W.
United States

the ideal soil v2

this is a very informative book for balancing your soil , reading soil tests and interpretation of actions to take. there are a few assumptions made by the author but overall the book good

Michael K.
United States United States

Great book

This book gives me a great place to turn for plant nutrition

Bob H.
United States United States


Acres USA is a foundation of farming information. I wish I had known of their book store sooner.

Dan G.
United States United States

The Ideal Soil v2.0

It is very well written with good examples of the calculations went through after the soil test values are determined.

Nathan S.
United States United States

Informative, Quantitative, but Chaotic

The information was thorough and as an Engineer could follow the formulas. The technical detail is enough for me to formulate a solution to my 4.5 ph soil. My issue is that it needs to be better organized. Sections appear in no understandable order. Important formulas pop up out of nowhere with no statement why they are important. It desperately needs an index so one can refer back to find information one needs. Finally, the author should have at least ran the manuscript through a grammar checker to make it clearer. Basically finally a book where you formulate a plan with real numbers, if you keep it all straight in your head.

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