Four-Seasons Organic Cow Care

Hubert Karreman



Part of the joy and wonder of farming lies in the changing of the seasons: planting, calving, tilling, milking, harvest . . . As the seasons pass, any dairy or cattle operation will see its share of problems crop up as well, many with seasonal regularity. Acclaimed veterinarian Hubert Karreman calls on his nearly thirty years of experience in organic and holistic medicine to guide you on how to recognize, treat and prevent a year’s worth of problems with your herd.

With biology and managing animals, there are no hard-and-fast rules, however, there is a rhyme and reason explaining why certain conditions are associated with each season. From pneumonia in the winter to heat stroke in the summer, this farmer-friendly book will introduce early detection techniques, prevention methods, and the most effective organic-certified treatments available for livestock.

Other titles by Dr. Karreman: Treating Dairy Cows Naturally

Copyright 2016, softcover, 236 pages. 40 per case.

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