Agriculture in Transition

Donald L. Schriefer


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Ideas such as “crop and soil weatherproofing,” the “row support system,” and the “tillage commandments,” exemplify the practicality of the soil/root maintenance program that serves as the foundation for Donald Schriefer’s highly successful “systems approach” farming.

Schriefer was a pioneer in developing an awareness of the relation of tillage to soil fertility, focusing on three major soil basics — soil aeration, soil water, and soil decay.

This book covers such topics as soil chemistry, plant and soil dynamics, above- and below-ground plant management, row support fertilization, zone-tillage, disc-chiseling, and more. Schriefer focuses on reducing "yield-limiting factors" such as seed selection, excessive tillage and a dependence on technology.

Copyright 2000, softcover, 238 pages. 32 per case.

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