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Gary Zimmer

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Gary Zimmer draws on a lifetime of farming experience and adds in the latest science and experience on modern issues facing farmers including the impact of GMOs, herbicide-resistant weeds, and more. For decades, Gary Zimmer has been developing new ways to engage and support soil life. His system feeds soil microbes, balances soil minerals, promotes tillage with a purpose, and relies on both cover crops and diverse rotations. He has spoken at Acres U.S.A. annual conferences for more than two decades.

Audio Lectures (13) Included:

• Why Testing is Essential (59 minutes, 33 seconds)

• Accelerating the System (55 minutes, 10 seconds)

• Eco-Input Isn’t Enough (55 minutes, 18 seconds)

• Erasing Toxic Agriculture in the Midlands (54 minutes, 6 seconds)

• Intro to Biological Farming (2 hours, 49 minutes, 26 seconds)

• The Cure is in the Feeding (57 minutes, 34 seconds)

• Changing the Face of Agriculture (1 hour, 9 minutes, 1 second)

• The Calcium Family; Gaining a Working Knowledge of Calcium (56 minutes, 50 seconds)

• Effectively, Economically Transitioning to Certified Organic (55 minutes, 16 seconds)

• Effective Biological Farming on a Large Scale (54 minutes, 46 seconds)

• Myths of Agriculture (1 hour, 0 minutes, 6 seconds)

• The New Biological Farmer (1 hour, 2 minutes, 46 seconds)

• Minerals for Healthy Soil (18 minutes, 56 seconds)

• Setting Effective Management Goals in Biology (2 hours, 50 minutes, 36 seconds)

Product is delivered on a customer Acres U.S.A. memory stick.

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