Fred Provenza Audio: We are the Earth and the Earth is Us

Fred Provenza

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Dr. Fred Provenza, Behavioral Ecologist and Author

Recorded live at the 2021 Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show in Covington, Kentucky, Dec. 6-9, 2021.

Change is constant in our lives, and in nature. Take a step back during this keynote and reflect on how change can transform us for the better, and how good can come out of the challenges we face today. Hear Fred Provenza, a researcher, author and eco-agriculture leader, connect the dots between why we are trying to change the way we farm and grow pastures and raise animals to work more closely with nature. Learn why it hurts us to see nature damaged, why it heals us to experience true wilderness, and walk away with an amazement about how our natural world feeds us, both physically and spiritually.

Fred Provenza will eloquently detail how, “Over generations, plants and animals become intimately linked with the landscapes they inhabit,” he says. “There are two spiritual dangers in severing those linkages. One is assuming food comes from the grocery and medicine comes from the pharmacy. The other is forgetting we are members of nature’s communities. ... Growing and eating plants and animals is the experience of at-one-ness and endless transformation.”

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